Friday, October 15, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Gallimaufrey

There's no consistent theme in this week's offerings. I've been busy settling in to the new quarter and spending my two days at home during the week working on course prep instead of blogging as I'd planned. Not much time for photography, but not much to capture on the camera anyway.

Except for one rather nasty thunderstorm a few days ago, the skies have been relentlessly blue. Fall is most definitely here, but we haven't had enough of a cold snap to loosen the leaves' hold on the trees--so there isn't much color in them, either.

The opening shot was taken a couple of weeks ago, before the new quarter started. Since I work from noon to 10 pm two days a week and from 5 to 10 on Friday nights, I don't get to see sunsets on my way home--although after daylight savings time ends, I should be able to catch a few on my way down to Dallas on Friday as winter nears.

Now that the sun rises behind my comfy chair in the living room, I get to see some pretty reflections of sunlight through our old wavy-glass windows projected on the opposite wall. This one's a bit fuzzy, but it shows the effect. This wall is about to be painted a sagey green (it's now a sort-of gold with glaze over it--to match the harvest gold shag carpet we pulled out of the house when we moved in; I'm only now getting serious about getting the painting done), so the next time I take a shot like this it will be substantially different.

I hope everyone has a happy Skywatch Friday and a lovely weekend--and that the weather is as pretty where you are as it is here.


jabblog said...

Your sky is very pretty with so many shades and tones. Without the blue it would look very threatening.
I like your reflections, too.
Your work load seems pretty heavy - I should think you need two days off during the week to recuperate!

clairz said...

Love that second photo with the sunlight reflections through the old windows. We had wonderful old glass in many of the window panes in our house on High Street in New Hampshire. I loved looking through them and thinking about all the people who had lived there before me, looking through the same wavy glass.

Martha Z said...

You captured some nice color in those clouds. The interesting storms you get there in Dallas I would find a small consolation for the lack of mountains. It doesn't seem like you made it west this summer, maybe next year.

BraCom said...

beautiful Sky Watch

Have an nice weeken