Friday, September 18, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Reflected Sky

I'm not seein' much sky these days--nothing but gray (I think I feel a song coming on . . .). Rain, which is (in the end) welcome, has fallen almost continuously for a week. I'm learning enough about different kinds of rain to start cataloging different words to describe them--sort of like the nine different words for snow the Inuit are supposed to have.

The shot above is of the sky reflected in my grandmother's metate, which serves as dog bowl, bird bath, and repository for dead pecans. The reflected image is the previously lightning-struck pecan tree; the metate is surrounded by blooming liriope, on which my dogs love to snooze. The photo was taken just before the rains began.

But at least the picture has something to do with the sky, and that's what counts. Happy Friday, happy Skywatch, happy weekend, everybody.


Sylvia K said...

Hey, I love it! Great reflection and it does have something to do with the sky -- what more could we ask! Besides, it's clever and I know about not seeing anything but rain, we just happen to be getting a glorious break right now. I'll try to blow some your way!

Stay dry!


Joe Todd said...

The rain won't let the metate run dry

Mike said...

You've caught the sky!! :)

Gennasus said...

What a nice way to see the sky. Well spotted!

eileeninmd said...

Great idea and reflection. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Coulter said...

Great shot :)