Friday, March 26, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Sky? What Sky?

This is a quickie because it's that time of the quarter and I've got projects and exams to deal with. But I wanted to share with y'all what the sky looked like on the first full day after the Vernal equinox--only there wasn't much sky to see, because it was still snowing.

Now I know folks up north and in colder regions of the world might snicker a bit at how north Texans respond to this sort of event. Spoilt as we are, however, we expect the peas to be bloomin' by now, and this late, deep (in the end we had 8 inches) snow threw many of us for a loop.

Hope everyone has a good, snow-free weekend. I am definitely ready for Spring!


Kim, USA said...

Hope your area will warm up soon ours here in MI are all gone but still is chilly. Happy weekend!

SWF~ Blue sky

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you are still in Texas ;-) We had a lovely 20C yesterday, warmer than normal.

jlshall said...

Love the lacy branches against that icy blue sky! Looks a lot like the photos I've been getting from my cousin in Fort Worth - they usually get a dusting every winter, but this year they were buried! Up here in Virginia, we're a little more used to snow, but this year was a record-setter for us, too.
Have a great Friday!

Smalltown RN said...

that is a great shot....we haven't had snow at all this wait we had a dusting....the local mountain got a ton which is great for skiing...which I love to do....great photos on your blog..

Johnny Nutcase said...

really pretty photo! Those snow covered trees are beautiful!