Friday, June 25, 2010

Skywatch Friday: The Boys of the Solstice

Thanks to my daughter's great connections, we spent the evening of the first full day of summer back at the Ballpark in Arlington, at another interleague game: Rangers vs. Pirates.

Now, since the Beloved Spouse is a Pirates fan, this was just recompense for my having whooped it up as the Cubs beat the Rangers last month. Alas for him, however, the Rangers came from behind to win--and the shot above captures the fireworks (with a waxing Gibbous moon peeking over) after Josh Hamilton hit the third home run of the evening for Texas. After the fireworks had finished, I got a slightly better shot of the moon (albeit a bit blurry).

Our seats were situated directly behind the left field foul pole, which offered an interesting perspective, but we chose a lousy day to watch a game: 102 degrees F, and the sun blasted us in our faces for the first hour or so of the game. But the tickets were free, the beer decent (St. Arnold's this time--although there was Guinness for sale in the pub nearby), and the company well worth keeping.

Since I'm finally on holiday for a couple of weeks, I'll get back to bitching about oil spills tomorrow--but for now, I wanted to wish folks a happy Skywatch Friday, and a terrific weekend.


Sanna said...

I love fireworks. =) Nice photo.

jabblog said...

Lovely reminders of a day well-spent in good company. Can't beat it! It's just me and the animals this weekend as Barry has taken eldest daughter and two of her children sailing - I shall enjoy time to myself, but be very happy to see him again on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend and your break, Candace.
I might be doing some bitching of my own shortly about Bhopal :-(

clairz said...

Nice skies, lovely memories.

George said...

I like both the moon and the fireworks. I think both shots are just great.
Thanks for visting my site.
P. S. It's nice to meet another Cubs fan.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like watching a good ball game, I can't wait for tomorrow's games though. yes I am indeed a soccor fan.

ilovepink1078 said...

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phs. I like this firewaorks.

Linnea said...

Looks like you had a great night of skywatching and baseball! Fun shots! Thanks for visiting mine.